Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday Light Drive

This has been an interesting fall for us. Without getting into a lot of details, I can say that the previous few weeks have had a lot more stress and a lot less merry than usual. Activities like seeing the Rockettes at Radio City (something Madison is dying to do) or riding on the Polar Express weren't in the cards this year. Even buying our Christmas tree and visiting Santa felt more like chores that we had to carefully figure out than fun things to do as we built excitement and anticipation.

Now that's not to say that we're feeling Scroogey or disillusioned. We're really not. But it seems like we're only capable of handling so much at once, and our priorities are focused elsewhere right now. We've checked off all the boxes - gifts purchased and wrapped, cards ordered and mailed, house decorated, Santa visited - but it's almost like we're marking time.

The girls aren't feeling this at all. They're just as excited as they are every year. They loved their Santa visit, they think our tree is beautiful, and they're counting how many days and nights are left until the big day. They don't have that grown up stress yet, and that's awesome. I hope that they go many, many years until there is even the possibility of stress lumped in with Christmas.

I'm still not able to make a New York trip or take the girls on a train ride. But we can do some fun things that are easy, inexpensive, and plenty of fun for the girls.

One of my favorites is our Christmas light scavenger hunt. After dinner we get the girls into their pajamas, pack up some cookies and travel mugs of hot chocolate, and bundle into the car. We drive around, Christmas music playing, and look at all the light displays. We look at houses that go over the top, some that are classic and simple, and some homes that really enjoy inflatables!

This can be as off the cuff simple or as well planned and organized as you want. This year we started doing a scavenger hunt to see plot out or trip and see what we could find.

It's a perfect, cheap, and fun way to celebrate the holiday season, and one, no matter what else is going on, that you can add in easily.

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