Thursday, December 3, 2015

Making it a Nice Place to Live

As happens from time to time, we have reached a point where I feel like we live in the car.

I can't pinpoint what it is that gets us to this point. Is the natural build up of activities that happens a few times a year (extra shows, parties, etc). Is it all the errands that come with December (the post office, the store, back to the store). Is it the weather feeling chilly enough where we don't want to go outside but still need to avoid cabin fever, so we hit the road?

I don't know, but I do know that we've been in there a lot lately. A lot.

One of the ways I know we've been in there a lot is because the car starts to feel cluttered with stuff. With trash, with smell, with mess. I'm training the girls to be better, and generally they're doing a good job, but on days when we're eating lunch and dinner in the car because we just aren't home, and we're changing from tennis to dance, there are cheese crackers mixed in with sweaty socks and multiple bags and leaky cups and just...ick.

But when your car is really your mobile command center, even if it's only for a spurt, it helps when it feels clean and organized and uncluttered. I know that I vacuum more frequently, use the wipes more frequently, but there are a few hacks that really do make life in the car easier to handle. I'm over at the Chevy Source today talking about how really basic stuff can make your car a much nicer place to be.

Although I'm still lusting for a minivan. With a big bow on it. How 'bout it, Santa?

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