Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Stop Stickers From Taking Over Your Life

I have a love/hate relationship with stickers.

Specifically, I have a love/hate relationship with how my children handle stickers.

Stickers are a huge incentive for my girls. I thought Madison would have grown out of the "reward sticker" from the doctor or dentist, but nope. Getting a sticker after her flu shot was the carrot she needed to get the job done. Madison's dance classes are pretty intense for a kid her age, but those kids still love getting a sticker at the end of the long night.

(This should not be news to me. When I was teaching, my fifth graders loved getting stickers as much as the kindergarteners did. HUGE incentive and totally worth it).

Anyway, I love the sticker as reward situation. I keep a pack in my purse along with paper and crayons, and it's great for restaurants, long lines, what have you. And as long as my kids have paper handy, I'm happy with the result.

Now the hate. I hate finding stickers in inappropriate places. I hate when a sticker on an inside out shirt that I didn't catch before pulling it out of the dryer. I hate finding stickers decorating the furniture in our house. And I hate stickers on my car windows, which, as it happens, is where many of those dance stickers end up. No matter how many times I reminded the girls that stickers go on paper, I wouldn't be quick enough. And if my sister got to decorate her window, then I should get to decorate my window.

For us, it was a battle that (for now) I'm not fighting. I got these on Amazon and the girls can fill them up to their hearts content, knowing that I can remove them at any time and still have a pristine window. But to get those stickers off the car windows in the first place, here's what worked for me.

By the way, that trick also works on bumper stickers! And if you have any bumper stickers that you've been holding onto, precisely because you don't want to have to remove them, check out this DIY magnetic bumper sticker tutorial. One pack of these and you can show off your marathon-ing skills even with an old school sticker!

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