Monday, January 25, 2016

DIY Window Cleaner

I've been on a huge Pinterest kick lately. Not really sure why, but I've been obsessed with finding new recipes, new school activities, new organizational methods, everything. And now that I can print directly from my phone...yeah. I'm loving Pinterest.

I'm probably the least DIY type person around. I am NOT a crafty mom who upcycles everything. I've tried to repurpose old baby things and give them fresh new uses Just no. Sell that stuff to consignment and buy what you need. But with my new Pinterest kick I've found something that I do love. DIY cleaners.

I'm not anti-chemical at all, but I love that I can control the scent and power of the cleaner, and I really love that most of these formulas are much more effective than what I can buy!

Yesterday I was fed up with my car being coated with salt and grime from the winter roads, so I took it through the car wash (therefore ensuring that another winter storm will hit us within days). When I use the car wash, I go all out and get the "full service". Full service at my particular car wash includes vacuuming, a quick wipe down of the dashboard, and window cleaning.

The guys kept up their friendly banter as they vacuumed and sprayed and wiped, and then I drove into the actual wash to get the exterior done. A shiny car, inside and out. Love it.

But when I pulled out, directly into the setting sun, I was blinded by a cloudy, streaky windshield. Honestly, I think it was cleaner before I washed it. I don't know if it was a grimy rag or an ineffective spray, but it was not what I was expecting. Boo.

DIY window cleaner came to my rescue this time. It was incredibly easy to make, it smells great, and I don't feel like I'm looking through a fun house mirror when I stare into the winter sun.

Still not crafty, still not crunchy, still love store bought perfection. But I suppose that some DIY is for me after all.
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