Sunday, January 10, 2016

Why You Should Use a Car Maintenance Log

After a rough fall, where Adam and I both felt that we were slogging through the motions, we've taken to the new year with energy and enthusiasm for getting things done. A few weeks ago we both snapped back into action, and we've been cleaning and purging and organizing, giving 2016 a true, fresh start.

When we get into these states we definitely want to take advantage of the mindset and attack the little issues as well as the big ones. It's all fine and good to say we want to tackle the basement or the pantry, but sometimes we get just as much satisfaction from sprucing up a drawer or refreshing the calendar.

I've been systematically working on everything car related lately. It's no secret that I'm longing for a new ride, but until that happens, there's no reason I can't maximize my efficiency in the one I'm using every day. I tackled the trunk and the glove box, but while I was in there, I decided to spruce up my car maintenance log.

It's a little thing, but having that book up to date again makes me feel so much more confident when I bring my car in for service and have to answer questions. My glove box now truly feels like command central, and not just a place to store receipts. Check out this post to see how I set up my own after the dealership one stopped working for me.

Do you keep a maintenance log? Does it help you?
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