Sunday, March 27, 2016

Car Scratches? There's a Fix for That!

There are a few places I dread going these days.

One is the dentist.I promise you that I take care of my teeth. But I walk in for a cleaning, and I find out I have cavities. I walk in for a filling, and learn I need a crown. I go in for the crown, and I need another filling. By the time that's over, I'm scheduling my next cleaning and we're starting all over. I've never had great teeth (a combination of genes and a bad dentist during my teenage years) and I've never had the experience of going in for a cleaning and leaving with nothing more than clean teeth and a six month reminder card. It's always something. It's time consuming and expensive and incredibly annoying.

Another is the repair shop. My car is getting old. I go in for an oil change, and I find out that I need a few filter, or a leak fixed, or a battery, or shocks, or something. Time consuming. Expensive. Annoying.

Now I can deal with both of those. If I want to continue to have teeth, I need to go to the dentist, no matter how much I may hate it. And if I want my car to continue to drive, I need to make sure all the important mechanical parts are working. These are no brainers.

However, I was at the car wash the other day, and one of the guys there was clearly angling to make my list. In addition to the regular wash, this place runs a detailing service. As he was spraying my car down, he observed to me that my doors are full of small scratches. If I got my car detailed, they could fix those right up!

No thank you, car wash man. I'm not letting you join the list. My dark paint shows every little shopping cart bump and key rub, and I'm not paying buckets of money to get my car detailed, and then hear that my windshield needs fixing, and then that I should deep clean my upholstery, and then by the time we're finished my door are scratched again. Not worth it.

So, like I do, I started looking for DIY fixes, because now that he'd pointed them out, these marks were really bothering me. And not only did I find one, it really worked!

Now I just need to find one for teeth...

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