Friday, March 25, 2016

One Step (or Kick) Ahead

Every time I think I've got a good handle on my housekeeping, the girls throw another curveball at me.

We get a handle on toy pick up, and they start spending the afternoon with the craft stuff, which is an entirely new set of rules.

We get a handle on our daily routine, and then the schedule changes.

Most recently, I've been really working on keeping the car in decent shape. I'm really itching for a new car, and one of the ways I'm measuring whether or not I'm ready for it is how clean we can keep the backseat. I've written about how we're trying to make that happen. I've deep cleaned the car seats, I've washed the floor mats, I've tried to come up with systems for trash and toys. I built car clean up into my regular schedule.

Then, as I was vacuuming out the crumbs at the car wash the other day, I noticed a neglected area: the backs of the front seats.

I suppose I never really thought about these too much. But now the girls both have legs long enough to rest their feet (though they have been conditioned not to kick!) and just climbing in and out of the car leaves dirt and grime. It took a lot of scrubbing to get these looking decent again, and I'm not excited to repeat that. So, like I do, I started searching for ways to prevent the mess from happening again.

I love Amazon. I'll have no idea that something exists, and when I go to search for it, I find crazy amounts of options. With organizer or without? Plastic, or leather? Washable? I love it. 

In lots of ways, my current car is a lost cause. It was a family car for too long. But now it's the trial space, where I learn exactly what I'm going to do to make my new car the best it can be, no matter what the girls throw at me.
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