Friday, April 15, 2016

Getting What You Want

A few months ago, Adam decided he wanted to replace our TV. It's well over ten years old, there are spots of discoloration, and it doesn't work with some of the newer technology. I support this. It's time.

He has been obsessively researching TVs, looking at them in stores, finding deals, reading reviews, talking to me, talking to everyone who will listen, reading some more...

Has he replaced it?


My husband can be frustratingly thorough in his attention to detail when it comes to making purchases.

Now, there's a balance there. When you're talking about a big investment, you want to be sure. You want to be well researched. You want to take your time and feel certain that you've made the right decision.

When you actually want to make your purchase, he can be exhausting. You want to scream at him I NO LONGER CARE JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!!!!!

Or, you know, something productive that forces him to make an actual decision.

For instance, he recently had to replace his tablet. He knew he was losing his at a certain date, and although he still did his research, he was able to focus on the deadline and make a choice.

In the near future, we're going to need to replace my car. I'm excited about this, because my once beautiful new car has become a mom-mobile with no end of seemingly minor yet incredibly annoying issues. But I'm also dreading it. Now that my father in law has retired as a car salesman, we'll be going in as regular old customers, and this will make my trigger shy husband CRAZY with research.

So to head off this battle of indecision, I did some research myself. I talked with my father-in-law, in his capacity of former salesman, as well as friends who recently purchased new cars, and gave myself the ultimate test drive checklist. With this sort of thorough preparation, I know that we'll be making the most informed decision we can.

And maybe, just maybe, we can pull the trigger before the girls are teenagers.
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