Saturday, April 30, 2016

Taking Oils on the Road

I'm not normally a crunchy, health food store sort of person. In fact, my own mother, when referencing a natural grocery store in my own town, told her friends that I'd probably not be a good person to offer an opinion on the quality because she was certain I'd never set foot inside.

Well, mother, actually, I've set both feet in many times. Not looking for the overpriced organic produce or bulk quinoa, but because I discovered the glory of essential oils, and that is my favorite place to get them.

What do I use them for? What don't I use them for!

I've used clove oil along with a good carrier oil for teeth and gums.

I use clove and tea tree oil as a natural bug repellent (since I am seriously arachaphobic and can't handle the thought of creatures anywhere around me).

I've used lemon and orange oil to discourage creatures from nesting under our porch. We have a skunk who is determined to build her nest there, and we found that the best way to keep her away is to spray the porch with a mixture of citrus oils diluted with water.

I use peppermint and thieves for home remedies.

I use oils in the car for a whole host of reasons. From staying alert to keeping motion sickness at bay to keeping bugs out and just keeping the car fresh, I always keep oils with me.

I'm still definitely not a crunchy person, but I'll add a little crunch to my life to keep oils around!
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