Sunday, May 1, 2016

Good Ideas Everywhere - DIY Snackboxes!

If there's anything I love, it's a good hack that makes my mom life easier. Tips and tricks float around on Pinterest, Facebook, blogs, mom group conversation. In fact, we dedicated some time at our last MOPS meeting solely to share "mom hacks" that we can use.

Recently I stumbled across a great idea for road trip snacks: snackboxes.

One of my car trip pet peeves is dealing with snacks. I'm either giving the girls too much to keep track of in their carseats, struggling to find food that is relatively nutritious while still staying portable, snacks that create mess and trash, and having to essentially be the waiter, handing back snacks while driving.

Snack boxes fix that. It does require a little more preparation on my part. Creating the boxes was simple enough (and a one time thing), and it only takes a few minutes to fill them before we head out the door.

I found the boxes at a craft store, but I also found them in the craft area of Wal-Mart, and they are on Amazon (of course). I paid 2.99 each at Michael's, which seemed like a bargain for something I can reuse over and over again.

The girls get snacks they love, in a mess free container, personalized for them.

I get a mess free, bother free road trip. No fighting, no issues.

Win, win, win.

For a more in depth post I wrote about these snackboxes, check out this link!
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