Friday, May 6, 2016

Less Mess Road Trip

This is the first dance competition season where we have been fully immersed in the experience. Last year, Madison participated in two competitions, both of which were within a thirty minute drive, and we only had to be there one weekend day. It was a very gentle initiation period.

Now that Madison is in her second year of competing, and has added two more dances to her roster, we're totally involved. Five competitions, multiple days each, and three out of the five have been longer than an hour's drive. Which, remember, we're making several times over the course of the weekend.

Mind you, I am not complaining. Madison loves every bit of it even more this year, and I like feeling like I'm actually getting the full experience instead of (pardon my pun) dancing around the edges. Last year was the warm up, but now we're in the game. And we like the game.

This means we are in the car a lot. You've noticed a car centric, road trip theme lately? This might be why. I've always been a "the car is my mobile office" and "we're always on the go" sort of mom anyway, but now it's even more true. Combine that with the fact that Madison's giant competition duffel takes up the entire trunk (not kidding, see picture below), and our road trips to competitions have become much more interesting.

I'm really trying to keep a neat and clean car (mostly because I'm trying to prove that the kids and I are ready for an upgrade - anyone want to gift me a minivan?) and multiple competition road trips have really tested that resolve. It's so easy to just throw up my hands to crumbs and wrappers from breakfast sandwiches, scattered clutter, and bags stuffed everywhere, but so far, I'm fighting back. I wrote up some ideas for a Less Mess Roadtrip (because let's be honest - there is no such thing as a no mess road trip), and it's helping.


We've got Nationals coming up at the end of June, several hours away, so I'm glad for the practice now. What am I missing? What else helps your car stay in control on long trips?
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