Friday, June 3, 2016

Dealing with Pests

Yesterday, I had one of those productive days that was incredibly frustrating as well.

It was a bad day. It was a fine day. It was just a pesty day. Little annoyances that I had to swat at, that were keeping me from feeling good about what I'd accomplished.

I was on fire, booking birthday parties, booking travel arrangements, making lists and getting organized. Then I pulled out a stack of bills, wrote the checks, sealed the envelopes, stamped them, and while walking down to the mailbox, realized that I'd reversed the checks and the payment slips in the envelopes. So instead of having the company's address looking through the cellophane window, I had the front of my check. Awesome. Time to make all my bills look tampered with by opening envelopes, fussing around with the slips of paper, and then taping them shut. Extra time, extra hassle, extra fun.

And to all you screaming, WHY DO YOU STILL PAY BILLS BY CHECK????, I give you the same answer I do when people ask why I still use a paper planner. In certain aspects of life, being a dinosaur suits me. I like to write things down.

I got my kitchen spotless, right before everyone descended on the kitchen. Rearranging the fridge to fit beer, emptying coolers and lunchboxes, and a rushed night of cooking dinner that left us with yet another mess we couldn't deal with before running out for the night. I hate coming home to a mess, especially when I've just cleaned up.

I took the car to get washed, vacuumed it completely, and it stayed shiny and beautiful for approximately thirty minutes, when I came out of the store to find that a flock of returning birds had apparently mistaken it for a rest stop along their journey. By the time I got home, the lovely white splotches, dried by the heat of the sun, were joined with a bumper full of bugs.

I hate bird poop. If it's on the windshield, it just gets smeared by my wipers. And once it dries on the paint, it won't even always come off in the wash. SO FRUSTRATING. And by that time yesterday, I was so done with my productivity getting crapped on (literally).

I was ready to go full on cranky, until I realized that everything that was pesting me had an easy fix.

The bills still got paid.

The kitchen mess was on top of a clean base, so it was a lot better than it looked and didn't take long to tidy.

And a Pinterest search proved that I can clean the poop and smushed bugs without having to start over.

My takeaway? Don't let the pests ruin your day.
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