Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Setting Sail for Blogger Bash!

I am attending Blogger Bash 2016 as an Acorn Ambassador. I received products from Care Bears at no cost, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

There's something tantalizing about an unwrapped present, with your name on it, just waiting to be opened, isn't there?

A box from UPS sitting on your front porch, addressed to you, with a surprise inside?

Something is coming, you know it'll be great, and it's right there, ready for you?

Awesome, right?

That's how I look at Blogger Bash now. In one month, I'll be in NYC, on a yacht, meeting with other bloggers and brands, checking out what's new, and making connections.

Two years ago, in the summer of 2014. I decided to go to Blogger Bash on a whim. It was a last minute decision. I had a friend who was going, I knew that NYC was an easy train ride, and I wanted to check it out. I'd only attended one blogging conference before, and that was more educational - writing tips, photography, techy stuff. It was great - really great - and I loved connecting with other writers. All I knew was that this one was focused on connecting bloggers to brands, and that there would be an amazing expo called Sweet Suite.

Then the event happened, and I was blown away. The products! The food! The swag! The parties! The brands, excited to talk to me! Then I got home, and within a few days, an enormous box was at my doorstep, ready to keep the party going and the girls happy with the trade off (Mommy leaves for a few days = big box of toys shows up). And my email was full of companies who thought we'd be a great match.

So last year I knew I'd be going back. I grabbed an early bird ticket, planned my travel, and got crazily excited over what I could anticipate. A Care Bears brunch. A Peanuts lunch. That EPIC Sweet Suite. And the girls were basically pushing me out the door, because the sooner I left, the sooner I'd be back with all kinds of treats for them. I knew it would be awesome. They knew it would be awesome. And it was. Bigger than 2014. More "New York" than 2014.

This year I wasn't sure if I was going to go. I missed my early bird chance, and I was feeling pretty bummed. It felt like a stinky grown up decision, like when Adam and I decide to forgo Christmas presents for each other so we could get a new water tank. We needed a water tank. It was expensive. But it's hard to get excited about. Then Santa, in the form of Care Bears and Acorn Influence, swooped in, and gave all that delicious anticipation back. I am GOING to Blogger Bash, which will be on a YACHT, ready to be opened and the surprises to just pour out onto me.

To make it even better, the surprises have already started. Care Bears is a headliner at Blogger Bash, with their revitalization of my childhood favorite. Last year, the girls started seeing the bears in stores. The plushes, the blind bags, the new show on Netflix. They love them as much as I remember loving them as a kid. So when a box showed up from Care Bears...

Love it!

Bears for days!

This has to be for Adam. I'm clearly Cheer Bear.

Yeah, they're in. They've got a grand plan to make Adam into Grumpy Bear for Halloween (can you believe you can get these plush pjs at Target for adults?), and they're already deciding who gets which mug, or cup, or bag.

My girls love themselves some character swag. And I am SO excited to meet up with the Care Bears reps again.

And they can meet YOU too! And you can meet me there! On a boat in NYC. A boat. Full of toys and food and fun. Want a $60 discount to attend BloggerBash 2016 in Manhattan on July 13th and 14th? I’ve got you covered. Check it out!
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