Tuesday, July 5, 2016

More Fun the Second Time Around

The 80s were a fun time to be a kid. Plenty of freedom, great toys outside and in, fun colors, crazy characters, great snacks. I definitely have great memories of growing up and playing with my friends and my sister. We'd spend Saturday mornings watching all the great cartoons, and then we'd start playing, rotating houses to keep things fresh. One girl had the best Barbie collection around. Another had what seemed like hundreds of My Little Ponies. One family game night revolved around the Strawberry Shortcake game, and I remember crying because I got the Purple Pieman, and I hated the Purple Pieman.

Then at night, we'd cuddle up with our Care Bears.

I remember that my particular Care Bear was yellow - Funshine Bear I believe his name was - and I really loved him. I'm pretty sure my sister had Tenderheart. We had taped the movie off our TV onto a VHS, and watched it, hugging our bears tight when the scary parts came and we were afraid that Nicholas would really have a life without caring forever. Then the second movie came out, with the camp champ, and we got to see the bears as babies and meet the Care Bear cousins.

See? 80s childhood = awesome.

Now, as the 80s kids start to take over in TV and marketing and toys, the 80s are coming back in the best possible ways. My girls have fallen in love, just as I did, with Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony and Care Bears. They don't have to wait for Saturday mornings - they can stream the shows on Netflix. And the toys are outstanding. My children are more spoiled than I'd like, simply because I love having these toys in the house again.

Each of my girls has a Care Bear that they got for Christmas. Reagan is obsessed with her Bedtime Bear - always worrying about him when we aren't home. Madison loves her Cheer Bear, which matches her disposition perfectly. Their love affair with blind bags is well documented, and they are building quite a collection of Care Bears mini figures from the blind bags - from the traditional series one bears, to the glittery and pearlized versions in series two and three.

Our latest addition? The cousins of course!

I'm so excited to be working with Acorn and Care Bears this summer as I prepare to go to Blogger Bash in New York next week. I've already shared the excitement that accompanied the first big box. When we got home from the Jersey Shore last week, another great big box was waiting for us - filled with Care Bear Cousins! From BraveHeart Lion to LotsaHeart Elephant to CozyHeart Penguin to BrightHeart Racoon, we have cousins in all sizes to socialize with our bears.

The girls love watching the series on Netflix (now onto season two!) and playacting with their animals. They get the message loud and clear, and I love that about these characters.

Next week in New York, I'll get to really rub noses (and paws) with the Care Bears, and I really couldn't be more excited. And I'm sure the girls are itching to find out what else Care Bears have in store!
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