Wednesday, August 3, 2016

July Was a Bash!

And here we are in August.

I don't know about how things have been for you, but July was an absolute whirlwind for us. July is the month that everything seems to happen. Both girls were fully immersed in tennis lessons, swimming lessons, golf classes. Madison did a week of an acro tumbling camp - which she loved - and Reagan did a week of Princess Dance Camp. Madison started up her private lessons and dance intensives following a crazy successful experience at Nationals, and both girls have been taking weekly classes at gymnastics - Reagan in the traditional preschool gymnastics, and Madison in acro tumbling for dancers.

She was a little concerned she appears too "gymnast like" and not "dancer enough" in this picture.

She definitely looks princess enough for Princess Dance Camp.

Madison started her new solo, learned how to do a round-off, backbend kickover, and one handed cartwheel, mastered a few new steps that have been giving her issues, and started speculating with excitement about her new competition season.

Madison got her ears pierced.

A big step, made partly to be a "big girl" and partly because she really hates the clip ons for dance.

Reagan learned how to swim without a floatie.

Both girls started going off the diving board.

A very serious jump.

Toes pointed mid jump. Tell me that's not dancer-y.

Madison's birthday. And birthday party.

Her party was at a cupcake/candy/ice cream shop that was adorable, but did sort of make the theme "sugar". Parents LOVED me.

Sweet, sassy, SIX!

And Family Fun Day at the pool.

Not who you'd typically expect at a pool party, but very welcome!

And our anniversary.

And multiple pool days and playdates and get togethers.

The weather has been great - summery and sunshine filled with almost no cloudy days and virtually no rainy days, so huddling in the house hasn't seemed like a good option. We were getting up and getting out and enjoying our summer for thirty-one straight days of July.

Great days, fun days, and shockingly fast - it was a blur, but a happy blur.

OH, and in the middle of all that, I took two days in New York at Blogger Bash.

This is my third year attending Blogger Bash, and I really, really love it.

We started with the Care Bears Brunch.

The  girls loved the Netflix series, and I am SO EXCITED for a new movie!

Totally secondary to the message, but the food at this brunch was OUT OF THIS WORLD. I am still talking about the scrambled eggs. Never before have scrambled eggs made such an impression on me.

I love working with Care Bears. The brand rep that I work with is one of the most passionate people I have ever encountered. She is someone who can only be defined as "all in" and her enthusiasm is contagious. She truly embodies the message of "Share Your Care" and had a hug for everyone she spoke with. And like the Care Bears, it's not fake. It's genuine.

I really do love that the Care Bears are back for a new generation. Although I didn't bring home a Funshine Bear quite as large as the one I took a selfie with, I did win the chance to get to experience the Build a Bear version. As soon as I got home, Reagan nabbed my carefully constructed creation and it's lived in her bed ever since.

We heard from a young girl who started a project to get cuddly bears to emergency responders, to help calm the children they encountered in crisis. When Care Bears heard that she was using "We Care Bears", they didn't respond as one sadly might expect a company to, with lawsuits and cease and desist letters. They partnered with her and got bears out to kids who really needed something to cuddle.

I could not have been prouder to be sponsored by Care Bears.

After the brunch, with my stomach full of the most delicious eggs I have ever experienced, the remaining time at Blogger Bash was just as amazing.

The Ride, unlike any tour I've ever taken.

Sweet Suite. My kids would give absolutely anything in the world to get in here with me. They have pored over my pictures and descriptions and have their eagle eyes out for these new products to show up in stores. We were on a boat, and though it was docked, I was incredibly grateful for the Sea Bands we were provided to keep my nausea at bay and the incredible conversations to keep my mind off the swaying.

I discovered an new app, called Today Tix, as an alternative to the TKTS booth and treated myself to an incredibly discounted seat to Kinky Boots. A. May. Zing.

After a record setting day of FitBit steps and a few hours sleep (and to be honest, a Dramamine in addition to the Sea Bands), it was back to the boat for a Kate and Mim Mim breakfast, a mind boggling new product Expo, a lunch with the cast from the Peanuts shorts, a session with the Jersey Shore girls, and finally a sail to the Statue of Liberty while the Peanuts Rock the Vote party kept us dancing on the top deck.

My biggest take away is that there is always more to learn. Always something new to discover. And a simple conversation can become the start of something really exciting. I'm still getting my sea legs, and I can't wait for 2017.

I attended Blogger Bash 2016 as an Acorn Ambassador. Products from Care Bears were sent to me to use and test at no cost, my thoughts and opinions are my own.

Blogger Bash Care Bears Giveaway #AcornBBNYC
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