Monday, August 15, 2016

Benefit of the Dry Run

At the beginning of the summer, I took a picture and posted it on Instagram.

It was a picture of a packed trunk, perfectly organized and ready to go. With one little exception...

Every bag was empty.  Every single one. I had a trunk, fully packed with empty bags and suitcases, and it was so ridiculous that I had to share it.

Most people good naturedly agreed that I was ridiculous, but I had a few people who got me.

Dry runs are important. I knew that packing for this particular trip was going to be tricky, it needed to be well planned, and I didn't want to stress about it once it was time to leave. So I took the bags I knew were going to use, and I did a dry run.

I was a performer. I was a music teacher. I like dress rehearsals. I like having a chance to see where the bugs are, and a chance to shake them out.

I remember that I was giving a presentation to an empty room when one of my colleagues walked in and started some good natured teasing on my "captive audience" of empty desks. But I presenting to my grad school class that night, I had thirty minutes on a broad topic, and I wanted to make sure that I filled the time effectively without running over. So I grabbed my talking points, grabbed a timer, and did a dress rehearsal during my lunch.

Maybe I'm a dork, but at least I'm a prepared dork!

And packing a trunk of empty bags? I'd do it again.

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