Sunday, September 25, 2016

Too Many Decisions!

Want to know my secret dream?

I hate being the one to make decisions. I agonize. I stress. I second and third and fourth guess myself. I have buyer's remorse. I research and pin and feel paralyzed when it's time to make the final call.

So my secret dream is that someone just makes the stinking decisions for me. 

That sounds really wrong. Like I want to live in a dictatorship or something. But really, it's more that I want to live in a place where the Property Brothers come with their amazing vision and just fix and decorate my house for me without making me agonize over paint colors or style of door, knowing that if I choose wrong, I'm going to be staring that mistake in the face every single day for years. But I've yet to hate one of their finished products.

As you may have guessed, Adam and I are planning some work at our house. Some of it is boring. Our house is over twenty years old now and we're going to need a roof soon. Besides price shopping, I don't really have any decisions to make there. But we're also planning to get new floors downstairs, paint the entire interior, get new doors and windows, get new family room furniture and a new family TV. That is a lot of expensive decisions. 

Everywhere I go I'm faced with too many choices. Even if you hire a decorator or a contractor, you still have to make the decisions. You're just telling your choices to someone else, but you're still doing the choosing.

What colors do we want? Do we want the kitchen and family room to stay the same color? If we don't, where do we want the break? Should we keep the same break for the flooring? Tile kitchen? Laminate? Do we want to keep carpet in the family room or do hardwood? What kind of furniture? What kind of TV? Do we want to mount the TV to the wall? Does that impact what kind we get?

I can't do it. I seriously want to rip a few pages out of HGTV magazine, hand a check to someone, and say "I'm going on vacation for a week. It'll all be finished when I get back, right?"

And then I come back, and it's done. And I'll be happy with it because it's done.

Same thing with car shopping. I need a new car. I'm lusting after a minivan. But beyond that, I'm overwhelmed by the choices. Color? Features? Cloth or leather? I DON'T KNOW. Please, please, kind car company, just pick one. I'll be happy, I promise. I just can't stand here, paralyzed by indecision, making the decision to do nothing at all.

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