Monday, September 26, 2016

It's Not Always About Me

Ever had one of those totally oversensitive days where you feel like the whole world is just judging you?

I'd taken about a month off from getting my nails done. I wanted them to get a chance to grow, strengthen, and breathe. I went back the other day to get my standard, light colored manicure done. I was happily enjoying the calm atmosphere when my manicurist said "lip wax too?"


I've already written about the hard sell you get at the gym when you sign up. I avoided the "warrior" push initially and thought I was good. But as I got off the bike the other day, I ran into that particular trainer. She recognized me and said hello, asked if I'd signed up for any challenges or training. I said no, that I'd gotten into a pretty good routine that I was maintaining. She looked at me and said "well, when you realize that isn't cutting it, let me know!"


The hair stylist who assumed that I'd want color too since "pretty soon you'll have to worry about roots!"

Not gray yet, but thanks for the reminder that I'm getting old. Want to team up with the makeup women at Sephora who suggest that my face is also old?

The guy vacuuming out my car who suggested that "there was only so much he could do" and suggested detailing.


I get it. These people are all business people who need to upsell. Bonuses, incentives, tips - my insecurity means a bigger payday for them. They aren't calling me unkempt or fat or unattractive, but the suggestion that I need an upsell - not that I might want it, but that I need it - isn't fun.

Deep breaths.

It's not about me.
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