Saturday, December 17, 2016

Cleaning Out the Clutter

Adam and I have been on a tear lately, and the enemy is clutter. We're not Marie Kondo in any way, but it is very unsettling to feel like we just have TOO MUCH STUFF. Some of the problem is sentimental, some is the feeling of being wasteful, and some is just plain laziness. But we're attacking it now, little by little.

One of the issues is that, in the name of trying not to be wasteful with money we spent and not creating piles of trash, we kept making piles "to sell". On Ebay, on Facebook tag sales, to consignment shops - we kept thinking we could at least regain a little bit of our investment. But that added another dimension. Now we weren't just clearing out, we had to take pictures and write up ads and...yeah. That got put in the "to do" pile. That sounds pathetic, but I'm telling you, at the time, it seemed totally reasonable.

And then we forgot about it...

And then we had clutter again.

So now, for the most part, we're on a donate binge. Basically, we're keeping the trunk of my car empty of my normal stuff, and loading up with toys and baby stuff and old office supplies. Furniture. Clothes. Books. Household stuff. It is ALL just going in bins and donation centers.

However...the one issue was the old carseats. You can't donate them. You can't even really put them out in the trash. There are actually recommendations for what to do with them. It feels incredibly wasteful, but it is actually the smartest way.

With Christmas coming, I doubt we'll stay uncluttered for long, but at least we're off to a good start!

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