Friday, December 16, 2016

Practical Gifts Are the Best

So clearly, sometime after turning 30, or maybe it was becoming a mom, I decided that the best kind of gift is a practical one.

I was thinking of this today as Adam was wrapping presents and bemoaning the fact that I don't want jewelry anymore. Jokingly, he whined that back when we were dating and newlyweds, he'd simply go to a jewelry store, hand them his card, and they'd help him select a small gift with a big impact. AND they'd wrap it for him. I'd wear the earrings and necklaces and watches and rings and feel loved, and he was done in about twenty minutes.

Now, I don't wear a ton of jewelry. And what I do wear is more of the costume variety for when I inevitably misplace it. What I ask for is fleece lined leggings, a new planner, bathrobes and slippers, a new charging port, some accessories for my car, since I basically live in it while I shuttle the girls around. One of my favorite Mother's Day gifts was a mixer. I love and use these gifts every single day, and they mean as much to me as a Tiffany necklace ever did, because they show how much he listens to what my little comforts are.

I was, admittedly, a TEENY bit disappointed this year that he didn't follow through with his joking suggestion to get my new car. Obviously, that's a definite practical purchase and something that will impact both of us - it's not really a Christmas gift, more something we know we need. BUT, the gift of not having to go and deal with the picking it out part? Priceless.

He's just the same. This year, he asked for socks and underwear and new pajama pants. He wanted slippers. He wanted some training aids for his golf bag.

Boring? Maybe. But we're both so genuinely happy with our gifts.

Are you a practical gift lover, or a "treat" person?
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