Monday, March 6, 2017

Shopping Baby Steps

I am an incredibly indecisive shopper when it comes to big purchases. Once the price creeps past a certain place, pulling the trigger is difficult.

This means that things like cars and furniture are scary to me.

And those are the two things we need right now. I'm going to need a new car, and we desperately need new furniture. We need to stop stalling, stop browsing, and make a decision. Adam wants to delegate a lot of this decision to me. It's going to be my primary car, and, as the one who does the decorating and cleaning, I should definitely be the major voice in this furniture.

And I am awful at it.

I will drive poor sales people crazy, wandering around for hours. Debating, talking, coming back and forth.

Right now, I'm close to telling Adam to just go ahead and make the decision for me. I trust you. We generally know what we want, and I promise to be thrilled with whatever decision you make. If I woke up to the new furniture purchase order or a car with a bow, I will be hugely happy about it. I promise not to have buyer's remorse.

If I have to buy it myself, I'll have buyer's remorse.

I'll second guess. I'll doubt. 

And the thing with furniture and car sale people is that they are required to be all up in your business. They have to be. Once you've been greeted, you will be kept within that sales person's eyeline for the entire visit. Even if you tell them you're just looking, or you don't need help...they hover. Like a hawk.

So now, I'm not only indecisive, I'm full of guilt.

I think I've figured out a pretty good way to deal with the car thing. It's gotten harder now that it seems like everything is open all the time, but I'm visiting car dealerships only when they're closed.

Maybe by summer, I'll be able to go through with it, talk to a sales person, and make the purchase!
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