Monday, April 10, 2017

Kid Friendly Odor Remover

I'm pretty sensitive to smells. I know what I like, and I know what I don't like. And some of those things are strange. Yeah, there are the obvious ones. No one likes bathroom smells or fishy smells, and most everyone enjoys a bakery or great restaurant.

But I love the smell of cleaning products. I love the smell of spices. I love the smell of wood fires.

I hate the smell of vanilla. I hate the smell of maple syrup. I hate the smell of "wet" (and to those who don't think "wet" has a smell...I strongly disagree.)

Anyway, because of my particularities, I like to make sure the house smells good at all times. With a husband who works from home and enjoys his bathroom breaks, to two little girls who forget to flush toilets or that they left a milk cup somewhere, that isn't always easy, and solving the problem isn't either.

Febreze seems like it should be an easy solution, but there's something cloying about the scent to me. Even when I love it in a quick spritz in the store, a full on spray in the bathroom has my nose wrinkling. I love scented candles, and I almost always have one burning in the kitchen, but I still don't trust the girls with them. Yes, I know they know not to play with them, but they aren't exactly careful either. I tried Scentsy, which a friend swore to me was "kid safe", but after cleaning up spilled wax (which was actually my fault), I didn't want to deal with that either. So how to air freshen the upstairs and remove the smell of lots of people, home all the time.

So easy. Baking soda. Essential oil. Mason jar with a breathable cover.

You can set it in any room. You can put it in the cupholder of a car. You can stash it somewhere subtle, or decorate the jar and leave it out.

It's easy, it's cheap, and it makes my nose happy!
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