Sunday, April 2, 2017

There's Something for Everything

You know how sometimes Facebook ads seem to know what you are thinking? It's kind of scary. I understand if you've searched online, or posted about it, or something like that, but I've literally been thinking hmmm...I should probably get a new bathing suit this summer and an hour later my Facebook ads are all for Land's End Swim. Coincidence? Maybe.

Anyway, I was ranting to my friend on the phone, because I keep dropping things in the car, and they go into that no-man's land space between the driver's seat and the center console. I drop coins. I drop pens. I drop Mentos (I'm addicted to Mentos when I drive, especially the cinnamon and spearmint kind you have to order from Amazon because they don't sell them in grocery stores.) I drop my charger. Heck, half the time I drop my phone down there, which is especially fun, because if I'm talking in the car, the phone is on speaker, and the caller laughs at me as I yell for them to either hold on or hang up, because the worst time to go digging is when you're driving.

So anyway, I had just dropped something down there, and I was ranting away about it, and comparing it to the time I dropped a raw egg into the small crack between the stove and the countertop, and ended up having to pull the stove out to clean it up (because you do NOT want to let raw egg fester down there).

And then I went to Facebook, and low and behold, they were advertising such a solution.

If you're annoyed by something, there's guaranteed to be a solution out there.

Even if it comes to you in a creepy, get out of my head, way.
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