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MarshMedia Review - Health Curriculum Comes Home

So much of our health education isn't formal. When I teach those "health" concepts, it's organic, often born from all those "why" questions. Why we wash our hands after the bathroom. Why we brush our teeth. Why we don't just snack on candy all day. They ask, I explain, we move on. We have a healthy lifestyle, they get a reason why, and it doesn't eat up our curriculum time.

But at some point, it's useful to take that learning beyond the off the cuff question and answer. I'm a huge fan of using video in our homeschooling, and sometimes, when it's personal, it's more effective for my girls. So today I would like to introduce MarshMedia, a company that produces health education products mainly for use in schools, but just branched out to the homeschool community.

I love when this happens - when homeschooling is "normal" and "accepted" enough for educational companies to adjust their offerings to meet that need. Currently, MarshMedia is giving us the opportunity as homeschoolers to take advantage of a special offer being made exclusively for us, which is a Homeschool Special. The current offer, only available to homeschool families, unlimited viewing of 59 programs for $50.00 until 12-31-17 with no time constraints or limits on the number of times a program can be viewed, can ONLY be accessed by using this link.

Health Education Products for K-8 {MarshMedia }
There are 59 programs available to watch, covering everything from hygiene to nutrition to social skills to puberty. They have done an excellent job of communicating the intended ages to make sure the kids don't feel bored or babied. Depending on your kids, some will obviously be more relevant than others. I chose to focus on a few that really spoke to my kindergarten/second grade girls - the importance of a healthy diet, the importance of handwashing, and the importance of dental hygiene.

The videos we chose to use were definitely age appropriate, and captured the girls' attention. Annie Funelli and the Funsters (who show up in many of the videos intended for early elementary viewers) had the girls giggling as good habits for taking care of their teeth were enforced. The girls were able to explain what they learned, which is always a plus. For a five year old who is always trying to negotiate her way out of washing her hands and brushing her teeth, it was a good reinforcement, rather than just a repeated explanation from me that she has probably tuned out by now. Madison is very interested in permanent teeth, now that she has a few of her own, and especially since braces may be in her future.

Overall, these videos were a nice, non-sugary, treat to finish up a morning of school work. The girls enjoyed them, and I enjoyed that they were absorbing the messages! I was so pleased to have access to these educational videos that weren't scratched up copies from the library, or definitely priced for a school district to use with hundreds of kids. When it's time for Madison to get a little more information about puberty, this will definitely be a place we revisit!

Health Education Products for K-8 {MarshMedia }

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