Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Perfect Car is Out There

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It's out there. I know it's out there, and I'm going to figure it out.

We're seriously on the hunt for a new car. My car still runs, but it's starting to show its age (as am I, I suppose). The body has seen better days, there are little things starting to go, and the kids have sort of taken over and messed with everything. Just like me.

The last time we purchased a car was in 2008. We didn't have kids yet. We weren't trying to have kids yet, and honestly, we weren't even sure if we were going to have kids yet, so "family friendly" wasn't a huge factor in our decision making. We weren't entirely short sighted, and we did choose a small SUV, reasoning that we could use the space no matter what, but we weren't thinking about which car worked well with carseats, or provided the most stroller space in the trunk, or had an interior that could easily be wiped clean of spit up.

Now, I know what my current car doesn't have, and I know what I want my new car to have. I want an easy to clean interior. I want ample cabin space, so we don't need to worry about balancing the leg space of the passenger in the front with the car seat integrity of the seat behind. I want a backseat wide enough to accommodate booster seats without covering up the seatbelts. I want a car big enough where carpooling is an option, even if kids are still in booster seats. I want a trunk big enough to hold our giant competition dance bag, while still having room for at least something else back there. I want a car that can handle New England weather, a car that can handle lots of carpool wear and tear, and a car that won't require another income to fill with gas or maintain.

I mean, I'm a mom. I basically live in my car, so I want to love it. I think every mom does.

For most moms who have two or more kids, and/or want to carpool (and yes, you want to carpool. The minor inconvenience of an occasional underage passenger is far made up for by the benefit of not having to participate in every single drop off and pick up), the choice is an SUV or a minivan. And when I say SUV, I'm not referring to the small, five seater we chose the last time we car shopped. Seven seats are crucial, especially when most of the passengers I'm transporting need a backseat space.

SUV or minivan?

That's a slick mom mobile...

...and so is this.

Brand loyalty or branch out?

I go back and forth. Back and forth. I make lists. I research. I obsess. I ask everyone I meet what they think, and shamelessly peek into friends' cars. I have friends who adore their minivans. I have friends who are passionate about their SUVs. I have people tell me they will never stray from their perfect brand. I have people tell me that it's all about the right fit.

And I obsess, and obsess and obsess some more.

The perfect site for me is cars.com. You can obsess as much as your heart desires. You can compare everything, look at cars side by side, check out pricing, mileage, deals, features - everything. You can read reviews, compare specs, and get some honest, real time feedback about what's out there.

When I'm ready to actually visit the dealership this time, I'm ready to go like a smart mom. I'm bringing the car seats, the giant competition bag, and everything else that needs a test.

That perfect fit is out there. And cars.com might just help me find it, without losing my sanity along the way.
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