Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I Can Do it All

Here are two facts about me:

1. I have a serious spider phobia.

2. I just had to take care of of a spider in the girls bathroom.

I would love nothing more than to call Adam in to take care of any and all spider sightings. My pulse races and I'm fighting the flight response and I try not to show the girls how badly I'm hyperventilating. But when he's traveling, I'm the grown up, and I need to take care of things. I can't be the helpless one.

Really, there are skills that everyone needs to have some basic knowledge of. Men, women, doesn't matter. If you aren't a kid, you need to be able to do it all (or at least be able to hang in there until the professionals arrive. There's no way I'd attempt any major repairs - and frankly, neither would Adam).

I can Google what a warning light on my dashboard needs, and do a simple fix instead of bringing it into the shop. I freaked out when my break light came on and Adam was away. My immediate response was to bring it in, but when I Googled it, I saw that sometimes it's just that your fluid is low. I bought the fluid, read the directions, and sure enough, the fluid was low. Added a bit, and boom, light off. I honestly feel pretty impressive being able to handle a few car things on my own.

I never had to plunge a toilet until I had kids, and naturally, the first time they clogged it up good, I was on my own. I Googled, figured out the mechanics, and now I can take care of a clogged toilet in mere minutes (sadly, I've had a lot of practice).

I can handle basic life. Google gives me the confidence to do it all, or at least to know for SURE that I need to call in a professional. Don't feel guilty about checking the steps. Better to confirm how to jump a car than to automatically determine you need AAA, or worse, trust a shaky memory.

I love when Adam is home, but having a traveling husband has made me a more confident woman. When it's you, you need to step up, and I'm glad I've gotten that chance.

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