Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Make the Appointment

Here's an issue with homeschooling.

How the heck do I make appointments for things?

I mean, at the risk of giving out too much information, I need to get in to see my gynecologist and get everything up to date. For obvious reasons, I can't bring the girls. I just can't.

I also don't like bringing them to the dentist with me.

Or to get a haircut.

Or an eyebrow wax.

Yes, they have tablets, and books, and they know how to amuse themselves. But it's just hard. Reagan, especially, is just still too young to not be needy. She needs to use the bathroom. She needs me to log her into her game. She needs me to figure out why she's not on wifi anymore. She needs me to help her draw a dog, read this word, open her snack. It's incredibly distracting. And while Madison isn't quite as needy, she has keen ears and is very interested. What's wrong with that tooth? Why do you have to sit like that? Why can't I watch? What do they mean by that? Why are you doing that?

I mean, the dentist and gynecologist aren't exactly a spa visit, but adding two kids makes it stressful.

I'm luckier than most. With advance notice, if his travel permits it, Adam can have the girls stay home. They're old enough now to understand what it means when he's on the phone, or when his door is closed. But there have been plenty of times when I've made an appointment six months out, crossing my fingers, and it doesn't work. Then I call, reschedule, get it pushed back, inevitably call and reschedule again...and soon I just give up.

Which is probably not smart.

I mean, delaying appointments NEVER leads to good stuff. Little problems become big problems. Even delaying simple oil changes can be a big deal, so delaying the doctor is definitely not a good idea.

It's like basic maintenance on pretty much everything. You need to take care of yourself, to keep things running, and to make sure the one steering the ship is in tip top shape.

But man, sometimes it's hard to make the appointment.

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