Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Keeping Everything Running

I am a fantastic mother when it comes to keeping the girls up to date. They have all their appointments scheduled, and I will do what I need to make it work. Whether it's the dentist or the pediatrician or a flu shot or a filling, I will get them there.

I make sure the clothes and shoes they have fit, and that they are set for trips and dance competitions that aren't happening for months.

I am absolutely terrible at doing this for myself (and by extension, the house). Terrible. I get so little precious "me time" that I can't bear to spend it getting my teeth cleaned or a pap smear. I don't want to waste that time getting an oil change or arranging for the gutters to be cleaned.

And what happens so that I can spend my free time sipping green tea and reading?

I end up trying to get a last minute appointment because my Mirena needed to be replaced six months ago. I end up making multiple appointments for cavities instead of just one for a cleaning. I end up with water dripping because of clogged gutters, and a furnace who needs an emergency "no heat" appointment. I end up with a check engine light hustling me into the service station, reminding me that generally speaking, cars work better with good oil.

It doesn't make sense, and yet I continue to do it.

I know this. I promise, I really know it. I'm great at motivating others. I write articles, urging people to do that preventative maintenance on themselves and their assets, and yet I'm the worst of the offenders! I'm not sure what I have to do to get myself on this program.

Recognizing you have the problem is the first step, right?
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