Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Creative Solutions to Everything

I am a total Pinterest junkie. Before Pinterest existed I was a total magazine junkie. I pin to boards now, I clipped and filed then.

I love pretty pictures of organized cabinets and creative solutions and systems that look like they are ready to make my life as amazingly easy as reading the article. I scroll and I pin and I search and I pin and after about 15 minutes, I'm totally calm, knowing my organized life is just a few completed pins away.

It can be horrifyingly expensive to get custom storage from a contractor or an expert, or it can be as easy as getting some dollar store stackable bins.

It can be easy as arranging tension rods, or a little more complicated, like building collapsible shelves in your trunk.

It's one of those soothing things to me. When I am overwhelmed with life and everything in it, I like to look at those pretty pictures of things all things organized and clean and it just clears all the clutter out of my mind.

What's funny is that I really don't have to do most of these things. I do some, of course, typically the easy and cheap ones. But I actually get less satisfaction from doing these things than collecting them. When I do them, there's the possibility for failure, for disappointment when it doesn't work out as planned, and for frustration. When I look at them, it's nothing but possibility.

My creative solution to stress? Looking at creative solutions.
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