Saturday, January 6, 2018

Frozen on Ice on a Frigid Night

Polar vortex, bomb cyclone, whatever you want to call it, Elsa has clearly been to Connecticut. Yesterday we had blizzard like snow whipping around, and today we have the aftermath of the absolute coldest air we've had in a while. Between the actual temperature and the wind chill, it is COLD to the bone.

So naturally, it was the perfect night to see Frozen on Ice at the Webster Bank arena in Bridgeport. Elsa fit right in. It was freezing, we weren't happy about it, and we just wanted summer back.

We've made the early January Disney on Ice show a family tradition over the past few years. We've seen plenty of different shows, all of which have been amazing and well done, and this was no different. The sets and costumes, the talent of the performers, it's all top notch and done flawlessly. Seeing how much every kid there loves it is just an amazing experience.

And let me tell you, Frozen on Ice is just perfection. As you're watching it, you think, wow, Frozen was just MADE to be performed on ice. 

I love what they did with the characters. Obviously Elsa, Anna, Hans, and Kristoff (along with the villagers) were costumed skaters like you'd expect. But the girls adored four footed Sven, the trolls stacked on top of each other, and the snow monster. They also thought it was fantastic that Olaf could come apart, just like the in the movie, with no hint of a person inside that costume! They kept speculating about how they did it, but no matter what the answer was, they were going to love it.

This year, instead of our family of four going, I invited my niece to come with us. Three Disney loving girls was just perfect. What made this performance even more special was that, although Frozen was the show, plenty of other Disney favorites made an appearance. Duos who loved each other, either as friends, family, or romantically, were out to open and close the show. Mickey and Minnie, Marlin, Dory and Nemo, Timon and Pumbaa, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Rapunzel and Flynn, Woody and Buzz, Ariel and Eric, Snow White and her prince, all out spinning and skating together.

To be honest, Reagan and Madison were a LITTLE disappointed that their favorite princesses, Belle and Aurora, weren't in this one. However, they managed to rebound pretty quickly.

Of course, if you do head to the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, there are a few things to note. None of these have to do with the actual show, but they will definitely make your visit more enjoyable.

 - The traffic this year was the worst I have ever seen. We get off the highway pretty much right at the arena (two major highways make this venue easy to get to), but this year, it took forty five minutes to crawl the .4 miles from the highway exit to the parking lot. I estimate we were moving at about a half car length every light cycle. We got off the highway at 6:01 and didn't pull into the parking lot until 6:47. I've been to this arena on this particular January weekend for four years and I've never seen anything close to that level of traffic before. I'm not sure if it was the snow yesterday, the packed show, or what, but I would recommend leaving LOTS of extra time. We picked up our tickets, grabbed our cotton candy from a vendor with no line, and just barely made it into our seats for the 7:00 start time. If I'd had any inkling it would be that bad, I would have left much earlier. The doors don't open until an hour before, but sitting in the parking lot would be much less stressful than sitting in traffic, and at least we'd know we had time to make it!

- Parking also seemed to be an issue this year. Usually I recommend the garage for the easy in, easy out, but this year a police officer directed me into another lot without another option. Leaving this particular lot was crazy. There was mass chaos as people seemed to be making up their own rules. We watched it unfold around us, then I finally decided to just keep the car parked in our spot until things settled down, since we wouldn't be moving anyway. After about fifteen minutes things were less crazy and we got out easily, but again, it's something to be aware of.

- I'd also recommend boots suitable for snow. Since we've always parked in the garage, we've never had this issue, but the sidewalks from the lot to the arena were not in great shape, and we found ourselves climbing through slushy piles of snow at intersections.

- The arena itself is chilly. This shouldn't be a HUGE surprise, since it's ice, but it seemed chillier this year, possibly because of all the snow that fell during the performance. Layers are a smart idea!

- And, as always, budget for the extras. My sister sent my niece with spending money, and she definitely used it. Yes, Disney concessions come at Disney prices, but everything you get DOES come with an "extra", and it's all part of the experience. I let each girl get a souvenir and a treat.

If you're in Connecticut and have some free time this weekend, the show is around Saturday and Sunday, and there are plenty of tickets available! My heart just swells watching all these kids have such a cool experience, and it's totally worth it in my book.

There are still FIVE shows left this weekend! Saturday at 11, 3, and 7, and Sunday at 12 or 4. Tickets start at $15 and any ticket is a great seat for this show. You can get tickets right at the arena, or on
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