Friday, February 9, 2018

Check Up

I am way overdue for some check ups.

Oh, I feel like I've talked about this so many times before. When it comes to everybody but me, I'm on top of appointments. But I've got my GYN, my eye doctor, and my dentist hounding me to make the stinking appointments right now, and I know I really need all three. But yet, I hold off for some reason that doesn't make sense even to me.

When it comes to some things, I know that the pain in the neck part of scheduling and keeping the appointment is a small price to pay to know that everything is just as it should be. It's nice to actually know that the new carseat fits in the car and that Madison doesn't actually need braces yet and that Reagan's hips are so beyond fine six years later that we can cross that particular doctor off our to-do list.

My head is not logical here.

But I know that it's a normal thing. We get it when it comes to other people. I can make objective arguments for the girls.

Yet, as I was on the phone, scheduling Reagan's six year well check (and putting it as far off to avoid a flu filled waiting room as possible), Reagan was in my other ear, begging me not to make the appointment. She knows it's not a big deal. No shots at this one, just a basic height/weight/all clear thing, and yet she does NOT want to partake. And when I thought about it, I remembered that Madison approached her yearly physical last summer with the same level of enthusiasm (none). Totally not a big deal, yet she was not the least bit interested.

If we know nothing SHOULD be wrong, it should be cake, right?

So I guess the avoidance is that, since our heads figure that nothing SHOULD be wrong, instead of getting validation, we're there to see if we'll be getting an unpleasant surprise. A cavity we didn't want. A test we didn't think we needed. A correction that makes us feel stupid. Logical? Absolutely not. Do I get it? Yeah, I do.

As a kid, you don't get a choice. I know my girls don't. Even if it's not my favorite part of the day, I get them where they need to be.

As an adult?

Looks like I'm going to need someone to go ahead and schedule these for me, and make me go.

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