Friday, February 16, 2018

Memory Lapse

I am in the midst of this winter brain fog that will just NOT go away. It's incredibly frustrating because I want SO BADLY to be productive with a completed to do list and organized school work and a clean house, but when it comes down to it, I just curl up and do something totally mindless and unproductive. It doesn't even make sense, how I come to do these things. I realize that putting in thirty minutes of effort would make my life much easier, but somehow I just keep scrolling through instagram while watching reality TV. Will they Love it or List it? What is random college acquaintance doing with their kids? Totally appropriate use of my time.

Anyway, I've been taking vitamins that are supposed to help clear that winter brain fog. Vitamin D. B12. Iron. Apple Cider Vinegar (granted, that's more immunity, less brain fog, but I'm not getting picky). Are they helping? Maybe. I can't really tell. Especially because sometimes I forget. So there's that.

Besides a slightly cluttered mess and a never ending to do list, I really haven't suffered too much for all this. I mean, I'm a hot mess, and I've done things like leave my keys in various places and realize I brought the wrong bag, but I always manage to get myself together with no fallout.

Then today, I almost got Madison and I trapped in Target.

So I've finally moved from the giant mom purse to a small clutch. I still HAVE a giant mom purse for when it's necessary, but now, when I'm doing things like running into Target, I can just have a clutch dangling from my wrist, and it's so much easier. Most of the time I slip my phone into my pocket, either attach my keys to the clutch or stick them in my coat pocket, and I'm good to go.

Well today I messed with the routine. It was mild, so I didn't wear my coat. And because I was juggling a lamp I was returning, I didn't clip my keys to my clutch, I just put them around my wrist.

I did the return with no issues, chatting away with the woman. Then Madison and I grabbed a basket, I dumped everything I was holding into the basket, and we went off to do our Target stuff. Starbucks, vitamins, grocery, random wandering. I went to self checkout, and as I put my basket away, I realized that my keys weren't in it. Or attached to my clutch. Or in my pocket.


We made an initial stop at the service desk, because I was PRETTY sure that's where I'd left them. I knew if I'd had a basket, that's where they'd be. However, it was a different guy, and he went through a drawer and definitively told me I had NOT left them there. So we wandered all over the store, trying to remember where I possibly could have left them. I even walked out to the car in the rain to see if I'd tossed them on my passenger seat or dashboard (totally opening myself up to car theft and would mean that I'd totally lost my mind) and nope. Not there. At first, things were just annoying. Now, I was starting to worry that I wouldn't be back in time to pick Reagan up from dance. And how I could have possibly lost my mind SO COMPLETELY.

I couldn't imagine another place my keys would be. We'd walked the ENTIRE STORE and checked everywhere our feet had touched. The only place that made sense was the service desk and the guy kept saying no.


As I walked up to the service desk for the third time, about to ask if I could look myself, the guy there said "Hey! Is it a Subaru? They were here the whole time and I knocked them to the floor when I was doing a return. I'm so glad you didn't leave!"

( would we leave?)

So...lessons learned.

1. Maybe I need to go back to a big purse.

2. Clearly the vitamins aren't working quite as well as I hoped.

3. The Target guy appears to be having the same problem.

I think it's time for spring.

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