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CursiveLogic Review

Handwriting is not always a favorite in our household. Both girls struggle with getting their letters formed neatly and correctly sized. Last year, when I was asking for advice, several people suggested I start Madison with cursive, alongside her print work. In some cases, it comes more easily. Madison loves the "fanciness" of cursive, so she's much more apt to do her handwriting work. Madison has already started learning to write cursive, but she's got a long way to go, so I was thrilled to receive the CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack and The Art of Cursive from CursiveLogic!

You really couldn't have come up with a more perfect name for this company. The logic is present and the instruction is so clear, so sequential, and really takes something that seems complicated and breaks it down. We're working these letters first. Why? Because they all start with the same kind of stroke. The pages are aligned with the coil on top. Why? Because you need to be able to angle your paper correctly, left or right handed, without the coil being in your way.

Cursive Logic New Edition

Madison isn't quite 8, so she's on the younger edge of this particular book. I really had to sit and do everything with her, guiding her. An older child may be able to use the webinars, or even just the instruction in the book, and work more independently. The webinars were great for ME. They helped me feel more confident so I could guide Madison. We worked slowly, both to avoid frustration, and to make sure we were following the logic and not developing bad habits, just for the sake of "getting through it". This will take us a while, but I'm ok with that. An older student might work their way through more quickly. In a school setting, the estimated time is about 10 weeks to work all the way through the program. I'm not sure how long we'll end up with.

The Art of Cursive Logic

The Art of Cursive coloring book is a beautiful book. I kept this one for myself. This coloring book is not for teaching students how to write in cursive. It offers a very quick review of the different letter styles to practice and then moves into beautiful coloring images with quotes. The images to be colored are made from cursive letters and strokes. Each picture includes a quote to be traced and copied. I have enjoyed being able to work through this coloring book that is part work book too. I know most adults have their own "style" of cursive handwriting, since most of us left our formal instruction behind QUITE a while ago. This is fine, but now that I'm trying to teach someone else how to form letters the "right" way, it's great to have my own instruction as well. Madison loves when I work alongside her. Not to mention - it's coloring! Coloring is something I love to try to get to daily, because coloring is a way to relax during the day.

Madison and I both use our special markers when we work on cursive. I like that these pages were thick and sturdy, avoiding the bleedthrough.

Back trace is the part she struggles with, but she's definitely improving.

It's a beautiful looking program, and well thought out. It's logical, it's made with quality materials, and overall, I'm thrilled we're getting the chance to work with it! I love that I have the book to work with as well. Learning together as a family is one of the best parts of homeschooling!

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Cursive Logic New Edition March 2018 Discount

The Art of Cursive & Quick Start Cursive {Cursive Logic Reviews}

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