Monday, March 19, 2018

Getting Our Ducks in a Row

Slowly, painfully slowly, Adam and I are chipping away at our "list of things that really needs to get taken care of". We finally replaced our broken family room furniture. We finally got the family room carpet replaced. We've scheduled our new patio door (which is an entirely different story I'll tell another day - probably not until it's finished, since, you know, tempting fate).

And now we're looking at what's coming up next. We need to replace the front door too. The roof needs replacing. The girls' bathroom needs a facelift - badly. The kitchen floor is on the list. I'd love to do the upstairs carpet. The interior needs painting. And my car is on that list in a BIG way. Now that Subaru has FINALLY released the model I've been pining for, I'm ready to send my car shopping liaison to go get me one (only halfway kidding. I am terrible at big purchase shopping and my father in law used to sell Subarus. He is totally my proxy for this experience. I care about the color).

Our list is a lovely thing, but after getting burned a few times, we're being very cautious with how much we do at once and how carefully we do it. We had some beautiful landscaping and stonework done a few years ago, paid for it from our savings, and then got thrown into a really awful situation with Adam's business. A few years after that we'd just started to rebuild that nest egg and got knocked down again. So although we are back on track, I'm very opposed to taking on loans or wiping out savings to do it. It might drive us crazy (and we each have our pet project that we're willing to thrown out the rule book for), but we're being smart. If the past ten years have taught us anything, it's that you truly never know when life is going to knock you down, and you don't want to already be in a vulnerable spot when it does.

Plus, there are the extras. With a new car comes a change in our insurance. Big home improvement projects always seems to include an add on or another project uncovered. With Adam working at home and me homeschooling, any work on the house is a huge disruption that we need to plan for.

And everyone has an opinion about what we should do and who we should use and why we should just do it all at once...and that's fine.

If you're not our duck, get out of our row.
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