Monday, April 23, 2018

Habit Time

I've written about my slump a few times. I'm still not entirely sure what it is. The long winter? Vitamin deficiency? Hormones? I'm not sure. I'm slowly but surely crawling out of it.

One of my big adjustments I'm making is that I'm really focusing on habits. Habits I need to make sure I start doing and habits I need to break. And while I'm at it, I'm trying to get the girls into it too.

Habits are HARD. I've heard it takes thirty days of consistency to make a habit stick, and it can be even longer to break a bad one. For me, it's tough to forgive myself even the smallest slip. Once I miss a day of a new habit, or I backslide into a bad one, it's like I'm ready to just give it up. So I guess that added itself into the habits I'm trying to break.

My habits I'm trying to build are pretty simple. Mostly, they're about taking care of my physical self (vitamins, water), my mental self (journaling, an artsy escape) and my home (basic daily upkeep). The habits I'm breaking aren't complicated either. I'm trying to cut out what's not great for me.

I'm working on getting the girls into the habit of upkeep on their rooms, their own personal grooming and health, and some good practice skills. They both have good intentions, but like me, things are so hard to really make stick.

I'm honestly not sure what the secret really is.

I DO know that the work it will take will be worth it. Not falling behind in housework or writing, being proactive about things that are good for me, especially now that I'm creeping up toward forty, and good habits are more important than ever. And if I'm teaching the girls, the example has to come from me.

How do kids learn to keep things tidy? By having parents who do it.
How do they learn to make reading and writing part of their life? They see their parents make it an important part of every day.

So my goal is that by August, I no longer have to think so hard about making these habits part of my life, because I'll have succeeded in making at least a few of them part of who I am.
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