Monday, April 2, 2018

Outdoor Spring Cleaning

It's outdoor cleaning time. The weather has been stalled in endless winter for all of March, and frankly, it isn't even beautiful now, but it's still time to start the process of putting away the snow gear and pulling out the spring things.

Adam and I have slowly started farming out some of the spring jobs. We hired someone to do the lawn a few years ago, and he does a lot of spring clean up as well. This is fabulous because we are terrible at outdoor stuff. I hate it and Adam just doesn't have them time.

Still, there's plenty to do. Our list includes:

1. Pulling the patio furniture out of the shed and cleaning it.

2. Power washing the patio and steps.

3. Clearing the playground of any debris (the squirrels have taken the canopies and made them into brightly colored mulch).

4. Pulling in the driveway stakes.

5. Rearranging the garage to put the bikes and sidewalk chalk in easy to reach spots, and the snowblower in the back.

6. Giving Adam's car a quality clean up from the outdoor assaults.

It's definitely a much smaller list that we used to deal with, and I'm not sad about that. We're still dragging our feet - either the weather isn't nice enough, or it's so nice that we want to do enjoyable outside things - but knowing that all these things mean spring is definitely a happy thought!
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