Saturday, April 28, 2018

What Happened?

There is no one with more hope than a parent with a new chore chart.

Or a mom with a new cleaning schedule.

I am amazing at coming up with plans. I LOVE planning.

It's follow through that I suck at. I feel like I can never GET to the plan, because I'm always dealing with emergent nonsense that crops up.

Let's take a basic day. We generally have from 9 (when everyone is up, fed, and dressed) until 3:30ish when we need to start getting ready to head to dance or whatever else is going on. I have planned to do our homeschool (takes about three hours), my daily chore (about an hour), and some writing (maybe an hour). This gives me an hour and a half to deal with life's little issues, to talk on the phone, and all that other stuff that eats up my day.

Here's what happens.

Reagan's light from IKEA goes out, which isn't as simple a fix as just replacing a bulb, because IKEA lamps use IKEA bulbs, and it HAS to be that light, because it's her special BLUE light, and she's already upset at bedtime because Daddy isn't home, so you find yourself taking a few hours to make a special trip, which eats up most of the non-school day.

Or you end up cleaning the carseats, because the kids who swear that they won't take the caps off anything, totally took the caps off their slushes from Sonic, and now the seats are sticky.

Or you go upstairs to vacuum the bedrooms, and notice that the girls, somehow in the twenty minutes they were up there to make bed and get dressed, not only did not make the beds, but managed to completely trash the bedroom, so you have to yell and then threaten and then supervise clean up.

There is ALWAYS something. An errand that can't wait. An extra load of laundry that needs attention. A spill. A mess to pick up before vacuuming or mopping can happen. I was incredibly efficient before we all started being home all day and creating these situations that turn a minor inconvenience into a snowball of a mess.

I am sure that one day there will be a great solution, but for now, I'll just keep making lists, trying my best, and hoping that every day, the stars will align and I'll stop living out the humor blog list of why moms can't get anything done.
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