Saturday, May 12, 2018

Little By Little

Little by little I'm getting it done.

I'm organizing in little bits. Bite sized chews that I can tackle easily in an evening before I crash or when the girls are doing math. I'm not yet trying to tackle major areas, but I'm making little strides.

Actually I made two big strides, both Easter related.

1) When I realized that Easter was going to be chilly, people would be wearing coats to our house, and we hadn't dealt with the coat closet mess since last year, I cleaned that out.

2) On Easter, the final few too many people banged into our laundry closet door and knocked it from quirky to hanging off the hinges. Adam went to adjust it and found that the actual door was split and the track was bent, so we ended up just taking it off. Since I knew the chances of actually getting it fixed quickly are slim with Adam's crazy schedule, and that the once concealed chaos was now exposed to anyone who came over, I cleaned that out fast.

It was actually kind of nice, since both of those jobs had been on my to-do list forever.

Beyond those two jobs, it's little bits. Little chunks.

I organized my car doors.

I selected (and procured a good 80% of) our homeschool curriculum for next year. That's right - we still have a few weeks left of THIS year, and I've already got the summer AND the next year ready to go. I have a few more things to purchase on Amazon, and then the books are DONE. This is AMAZINGLY ahead for me.

Thanks to a last minute dinner invite that I didn't make, but was made FOR me, I cleaned up the dining room, which had gotten shockingly messy since Easter a few weeks ago.

I have plenty more little projects to tackle, but with the weather finally behaving nicely, my motivation is back!
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