Friday, May 4, 2018

Such a Tease

My new car should arrive at the dealership in less than two months and I am like a little kid waiting for a trip to Disney. Or my birthday. Or some other thing that you count down and obsessively think about when you're not great at delayed gratification.

My gratification has been delayed.  When my father in law first talked me out of switching makes and waiting for this brand new model instead of , it was supposed to be LAST summer. Then this past fall. Then the end of 2017.

Now it's a sure thing that they'll be arriving in dealerships in June or July. Which seems like it is SO FAR AWAY.

My car is limping, limping, toward the finish line of its long life. I'm doing end of life care now. I know it needs bigger repairs, but for now, I'm just making sure that the tires have air, the tank has gas and the engine has oil. And of course, I'm still doing the recalls.

Yes, it seems ridiculous to do a recall service on a car that I'm planning on getting rid of within months, but they're free to have taken care of, and I know that I'm not willing to risk it.

Anyway, when I brought the car in to get the recall service done, they gave me a complimentary dealership loaner.

And UGH, it's the worst tease ever.

I dropped off my rattling, bumping, noisy, worn out clunker, and drove home in the same car - 10 years newer.

What is this sorcery?

 It had a touchscreen, and bluetooth, and back up camera, and usb ports galore. Everything was so FANCY. Everything worked so beautifully! The ride was quiet and smooth and it SMELLED good and it was SO CLEAN.

I kept trying to think of ways to convince the dealership to just please, please, pretty please let me borrow it if I TOTALLY PROMISE to buy the new model from them when it finally makes it there. I can't go back now! I can't go back to all the problems and the blinking lights and the engine issues and the stains that will never come out. I can't! I've seen the light and I've driven the future and I am NOT OK WITH GOING BACKWARDS.

Overall, that's totally their plan. Had I done the $5000 worth of repairs they noted, or I'd decided to just go ahead and stick with my current model (which would totally defeat the purpose of waiting for the bigger model), they'd have me convinced to keep this.

But I can be strong. I tore myself away, looking longingly back, and promised to wait for the right thing.

Thank goodness the right thing is just around the corner.
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