Monday, June 18, 2018

Running Low

I can't tell you how many times I've just been rushing around and realized, wow, I am starving. Weird.

Oh, maybe it's because, although I harp on the kids to eat breakfast, I didn't have a crumb myself.

So now my tank is empty and it's not fun for anyone. I'm cranky, I feel like a hypocrite, and once again, I'm going to end up stopping and grabbing whatever I can find to keep me going. The consequence is worse.

A little while ago my car was running HOT in traffic. It would be fine when we were cruising along, it was fine when I started driving, but in stop and go? In highway traffic? My little heat light would flicker, just quickly at first, where I thought it was just a trick of the light, but then a little more obviously. I'd get worried, but then the road would clear and it would go off. Turns out? Low coolant. Not super low, just enough to be irritating. A quick check and top off was all I needed to avoid a potentially BIG problem.

When I'm running low, ignoring the little reminders, is when my headaches start to creep back in. It's when my temper gets shorter. It's when I become a little foggier, a little less productive. We aren't in crisis mode, but I'm not taking care of myself.

Same thing happens around the house. I let things slide. I ignore the little flickers letting me know that it's time to take care of things. I stop short of crisis, but it's a bigger fix.

This summer, I'm trying to remember that. I'm trying to remember that checking in is necessary. Do we have food around for easy meals that I can eat? Have I done laundry recently enough where we have plenty of pool towels? Have I checked in on the state of the girls rooms/bathrooms? How are the fluids in my geriatric car?

Am I low? Or am I ok?
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