Thursday, July 5, 2018

Me and My Girls On the Road

The girls have been itching for a vacation this summer. The past two years we've had nationals for dance, sort of dictating where and when we pack up and hit the road. And the past two years, dance has dictated that we go to the Jersey shore at the end of June, so that's what the girls have come to expect.

THIS year, our studio took the year off from nationals. It's a mixed blessing - dance vacations aren't really vacations. But it's nice to have a trip with your friends, and one that is clearly and easily on the calendar. And what ended up happening is between other commitments and job requirements, we sort of let vacation slide a bit.

But my parents recently bought a second, vacation home for their retirement, and we are excited to see it. My sister's in laws also have a house in the same area, so they spend the month of July there, and it seemed like July is the perfect time to be together at the lake. Of course, finding a time when the girls are free from activities and Adam is free from work and tournaments is impossible. We just couldn't land on a time where all four of us could get up there before July ended.

So, as much as we're sad to leave Adam behind this time, this weekend the girls and I are piling into the car and making the four plus hour trip on our own.

I've certainly driven the girls places alone before, and I've taken solo road trips, but this is a good hour or more further than even the Jersey shore, and there are plenty of places along the journey that have limited cell service, so I'm definitely making sure that I'm packing to have everything that we'll need and that will make the trip easier.

Overall, I'm excited to head to a new place and make some new vacation memories!
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