Thursday, July 12, 2018

Our Ducks Are in a Row

I can't believe it's actually happening. I've been writing about it for so long, but last week Adam and I officially put some money down and ordered my new car! I love it. I test drove it and couldn't believe how smooth and quiet a new car is over my moaning and bouncing current car is. And the standard stuff now just blows me away! Back up cameras and phone connectivity and speakers and zones and keyless everything - WOW. A lot has changed in ten years, and I can't believe it is actually happening.

Of course, because of the car we chose, we had to ORDER the car and it'll take about two months before I'm actually driving it. But I'm ok with it, because OH MY I AM FINALLY GETTING IT!

It's funny though - last time we went through the new car purchase, we were buying from my father in law and we were both working full time. This time, he's retired and we're using a friend of his, and our situation is different. Adam is much more successful than he was ten years ago, and I'm...well, I'm not working. And that's a strange place to be in. There was actually some discussion as to whether or not I needed to be on the credit app at all.

Before anyone gets ticked at the men in this group (Adam, his dad, the dealer), it was me who suggested that it may not be necessary. I'm not bringing anything TO the table, so why bother? (And plus, I wouldn't have the annoyance of having to go to the dealership to do it). In the end, they all convinced me that it's a smart idea to be on it, just like I'm on the mortgage. And that makes sense.

Adam and I have a mortgage, and we pay the bills on time, and he has a good job and we're in a good place. But financial stuff still scares me, especially when it comes to big stuff like this. Life happens, and sometimes life throws some struggles your way, and filling out binding paperwork for big purchase freaks me out. What if he loses his job? What if one of us gets sick? What if, what if, what if?

But really, our ducks are in a row, we know we got a good deal, we know we need this, and my freak outs aren't logical. I just can't wait to be DRIVING this new car, and the excitement is overriding the fear!

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