Saturday, August 25, 2018

Time to Cool Down

Recently some really good friends of ours moved to Florida. Adam has been itching for lower taxes and year round golf, and claims the only thing keeping him from jumping on a plane down South is that the girls and I love it here. I think HE thought that losing a family we loved to the Sunshine State would help sway me to his size.

Um, dude? You don't try to sell me Florida in August.

The end of the summer is HOT and HUMID and DISGUSTING, and frankly, after a few months of fighting off humidity induced migraines and feeling disgustingly sweaty sitting at the tennis courts or by the pool, I'm over the heat. I'm looking forward to having a fall, with dry, crisp air, and the ability (and need) for jeans and sweatshirts and jackets.

I'm done trying to cool down my sweat lodge or furnace (depending on the day) of a car before I get in for a sunblazed commute. I'm ready to use my seat warmers.

Adam is off this week, and we have plans for all these day trips. New York City, Sturbridge Village, amusement parts...and I know that we're in for a HOT week. Sweaty walks, humid air...ugh.

Yeah, I'm not in the mood to consider a year round hot and humid climate right now.

I know September is still warm, but I'm a fall girl. I just can't wait for all those fall cliches to come true. And I know that if I weren't in New England, I'd miss it so much.

Because after a few months, that cool weather makes me wish for the warmth again. And I'll bask in it and love it...until I'm ready to cool down again.

The cycles are what makes life good!
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