Friday, September 7, 2018

Getting it Done

I've got this big long list working right now. Summer has become fall, and I'm a big fan of getting a fresh start for each season.

I mean, in theory. I'm really good at list making.

I have cabinets I want to clean out, floors that I want to deep clean. I have to do the seasonal clothes swap/shop/clean out. I have school supplies that need organizing. I have a car that needs a thorough deep cleaning before I turn it in.

Plus, co-op starts in two weeks. And I did amazingly well at getting about fifty percent prepped for my classes, but that remaining fifty still needs to happen.

Plus, the regular homeschool/housecleaning/bill paying/dinner making/article writing/life managing stuff.

I am really, really good at making this list. Totally thorough. It's neatly written and color coded and has all the things I need to do and the sub-things I need to do. I'm really proud of how organized I look.

When it comes to getting it done, however, I'm struggling hard. HARD.

How on EARTH to people find the time to do all this? Does everyone struggle with the "getting it done" part? Are they dropping the ball? Have things that are just floundering on the list eternally? I mean, to be honest, if I can't manage to do the things with actual deadlines, "clean out freezer" doesn't really have a shot.

IF I were being honest with myself, I would say that it's my own distractability that kills me. If I really wanted to fix this, I would give myself an hour each day to get things done outside of my daily stuff, and I'd try to tackle one thing each day. I'd make sure that I wasn't disturbed by either children or work at home husband (HAH) and that I left my phone securely out of sight. I'd put in that solid hour with distractions. After a few solid days - maybe even weeks - of this discipline, I'd be in great shape.

But let's be honest. At this stage in life, it's all about triage.
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