Friday, December 21, 2018

Where Am I GOING?

 So it's December, and it feels like I'm always in the car, going somewhere. And because I'm always in the car, going somewhere, it feels like I'm always getting gas. And since I'm always getting gas, I'm trying to stay very aware of the money I'm spending, because it's December and my card is getting WORN OUT.

And then Adam is annoyed because he's looking at this brand new car I got in December and wondering how a stay at home mom can possibly log so many miles when she doesn't leave the surrounding towns.

So where am I going?

Well, I invested in a simple mileage tracker. Intended for business expenses, but it works for a stay at home mom with a nosy husband too.

To dance, between four and five times a week, sometimes six. Yes, we have a carpool, but it only saves me a few of those trips, especially because there are times when both girls are involved, but at different times. Dance is about 12 miles from our house on the other side of town. So, at minimum, I'm driving about 25 miles every day we go to dance. And that's MINIMUM. One trip there and back. If I come home during a two plus hour class and go back, it's a total of 50 miles (two round trips). If I decide not to come home, but to run errands during that time, it's about the same. So if I do that five times a week, I'm at 250 miles a week, 1000 miles a month, without leaving the town we live in or going ANYWHERE ELSE.

To homeschool co-op (20 miles away, 40 mile round trip) once a week.

To other classes (cooking, acro). Both are about 15 miles away, so a 30 mile round trip.

To field trips. Our field trips with our homeschool group are AMAZING, but we're responsible for all the transportation (obviously). We drove forty miles to do an amazing beach trip. Fifty miles to see a free performance of the Nutcracker by an amazing ballet company.

Visits to my family. Visits to friends.

Then, LIFE. Regular, daily, life. Grocery store and Target and church and the library and BJs. And yes, I combine those trips, try to consolidate and group errands, but honestly?

I was driving much less when all I was doing was commuting to work.

Yet, I have a good life now. I have two kids who have found activities they love and care about. I have family and friends to visit. My homeschooled kids have amazing opportunities, so many that we have to turn many of them down.

Where am I going? I don't know, but I know that I don't mind the journey, no matter how many miles it takes.
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