Friday, January 4, 2019

Disney on Ice - Fifth Time as Fun as the First

As we headed out to the Webster Bank arena in Bridgeport last night for Disney on Ice, we did our normal recap of previous shows. The very first year when we got a meet and greet with Mickey and Minnie. The year when everything was "Dream Big" princesses (and a huge hit), but we were able to see eight skaters forming a dragon that breathed fire. The year that we thought wouldn't happen due to an issue with the ice, but which ended up being one of our favorites. Last year, when Frozen dominated the show and we realized how perfectly Frozen fits in with an ice performance. And then I realized, this is the fifth show we've gotten to see.

I was provided with a four pack of tickets in exchange for this review, but all opinions are my own.

Five years, five different shows, five different experiences. From a not-quite two year old on wiggling on my lap to an almost seven year old dancing in the aisles. From a three year old who considered herself a princess expert, to an eight year old who is still entranced by the spectacle. It's been five years, and the show works just as well for toddlers as it does for big kids. That's Disney Magic right there.

Each Disney on Ice show has its own theme, and this year, the show we saw was "Worlds of Enchantment". Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy introduce us to four different mini-shows: Toy Story 3, The Little Mermaid, Cars, and Frozen. Four very different shows, some of which I wondered how they effectively would translate to ice (Cars? How would that work? And how would the size of the people and toys translate in Toy Story?).

The show was great, as we've come to expect. Each mini-show was about twenty-five minutes and managed to get both the gist of the story and the crucial musical numbers. The girls LOVED watching the Barbie and Ken interactions at Sunnyside Daycare, and I really enjoyed all the green toy army men skating in their formations and parachuting in. Under the Sea, with the colorful costumes and props is an amazing spectacle, and, like I've said before, Frozen was just MADE to be performed on ice.

As for the cost, tickets are definitely affordable. I always think the best views are from above when you're looking at this grand a production. Yes, there's something to be said from being close to the ice (we've done that too), but you can get seats with a great view for as low as $15.

Bridgeport is a GREAT arena to see a show, because it's right off two major highways, and there's plenty of parking. Very easy in and out. We've parked in the garage, but the past two years we've opted for the big outdoor lot. Both are $10, which is about what I've come to expect for any show parking. We arrived at 6:15 for a 7:00 show and there was plenty of parking. Leaving is always a bit of a mess of cars, but we were out of the lot and on the highway within 10 minutes.

The add ons are what can get you every time. Last year I told the girls they could each get a light up souvenir, which are expensive - averaging about $30. This year I told them - in advance - that we weren't doing it. They're fun at the show, they're fun for a short time after, but now that my girls are older, they're forgotten (or dying) within a few weeks. In fact, during our last toy clean out, we purged a few of those types of toys. But the great part about Disney on Ice is that the concessions come with souvenirs too, and I'm much more likely to ok those. I got each girl a cotton candy ($15) that came with a crown with Mickey ears, and four of us split a $12 popcorn in a Mickey tote bag. Lemonade and sno cones are comparably priced (average of $15) and come with take home cups.

NOTE: It is COLD in the arena. I mean, duh, it's ice. But we've noticed that the past two years have been exceptionally chilly. I wonder if some of that is due to the snow that falls during Frozen. Still, be prepared. We wore our winter coats the whole time and were kind of wishing we'd brought a blanket.

Reagan loved it, but was a bit disappointed at the serious lack of princesses (she's not into princesses like she was a few years ago, but she was definitely anticipating them and figured they'd be out for the finale as always. If you have a princess lover, be prepared for that with this particular show. The Toy Story and Cars segments were great and Reagan definitely enjoyed them, but I think she had a picture in her mind and it didn't quite line up.

With Madison, I'm starting to wonder if she's getting too old for certain things. Although she was by no means the oldest kid there, she did notice how many toddlers and preschoolers there were, and she wasn't jumping up and down in her seat like she was four years ago. Although she always loves the opportunities, I'm wondering if she's starting to wish I got tickets to Kidz Bop or JoJo Siwa (and let's face it, she is definitely wishing that). But once the show starts, she's finding new things to be excited about. She GETS what a big production should look like, and she's impressed with all the talent. It isn't "babyish", it's a show, and the production value of anything Disney is spectacular.

Disney on Ice is at the Webster Bank arena for the rest of the weekend (today, tomorrow, and Sunday) with tickets still available from or the box office at the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport. Next weekend the production moves to Hartford, so there are plenty of chances to catch this fun show in CT!

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