Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Cleaning Up My Messes

You know what's humbling? When you go to get all mad at someone else for making a mess and realize that it was you.

Or worse, it wasn't you, but it was totally your fault.

For instance, I know Madison can't get in or out of her duo costume without assistance. Both the fasten at the back and the pull over the booty, it's a two man job. So why on earth would I put her into it, completely, touch up her makeup, and THEN send her to the restroom by herself for a "just in case" pee. As she wiggled her head around trying to manage it herself, she tipped her head down to her chest and gave it her all. And a huge lipstick stain on the white bodice. Who did it? Her. Realistically who was actually at fault? Me. 

Or when I go to clean out the car, and the drink I've drilled into the girls as essential to NOT spill gets knocked over by me, because I'm being careless, climbing into the backseat to get something or other that I could totally ask the girls to get.

Or when I ok something and have no idea what I'm saying ok to and don't research it at all. I allowed Reagan to use some birthday money on this "fluffy slime", which felt a lot cleaner than the slimy slime I've basically banned. So I allowed her to play with it on a plate on a tray and put no hard restrictions on it at all. Do you know what fluffy slime does? It crumbles into tiny little crumbles, no matter what, and those little crumbles migrate to your clothes and hands and shoes and get tracked into your carpet.

I've gotten pretty good at stain removal. I can get lipstick out of costumes, drink spills out of cars, slime off most things.  I google and research and try to make sure I can get things to last at least a LITTLE while longer than they might.

I've got messes all over. But I'm working on getting them all cleaned up.
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