Sunday, March 3, 2019

Holding it In

I am not a great minimalist.

Scratch that. I am a terrible minimalist. I’ve figured out that it’s for a few reasons. First, I have a hard time getting rid of anything that a) I spent money on or b) I got for free. Which, when you think about it, encompasses a lot of stuff. I mean, it seems downright wasteful. Yes, I know that it’s not - at least not to the point where I should be holding onto things I don’t need. But whether it’s a free sample of makeup or a set of containers I really thought I’d use, I struggle with that. Because, second, what if I DO need something later? What if, the second I throw away that lipstick, I discover that I NEED a lipstick?

I’m working on this, I really am. I went through a period this winter when I purged a LOT out of the main rooms. I was brutal in the kitchen, brutal with our school stuff. Then I sort of ran out of steam. But I’m working on it.

Right now, I’d say what I’ve gotten good at is tucking things away - at least for the most part. You know how the Maria Kondo thing was huge, and storage companies were trying to jump in on it? I am that person they were marketing to. Purging and sparking joy = hard. Putting things into neatly stacked/color coordinated containers = easy. And, quite honestly, very satisfying.

The biggest motivator for me to hold all the “stuff” in isn’t my own personal joy though, it’s the judgment of others. If company is coming, I clean. If someone will be opening my pantry, I tidy it. If I’m going to have people in my car, I make sure it looks neat. And not just the main cabin. I know all about the benefits of a cargo organizer, and I'm a huge convert of anything that keeps my trunk looking neat.

Little by little, I’m cutting down on the clutter, and the house is certainly looking better. For now, I’m ok with holding the mess in - neatly.

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