Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Here, There and Everywhere in a Rented Car

I've been in the rental car just over a week now. Clearly, I was very spoiled, very quickly by my new car, because although this car is perfectly adequate, and has a decent number of features I got used to, and it's certainly nicer than my OLD car, I'm already ready to be done with it.

It feels SO SMALL. I realize, it's a normal five seater. But after getting used to three rows of room (or two rows plus a GIANT trunk), this takes us back to feeling tight. The girls are in close quarters again and they aren't loving it. I'm not able to do the carpooling I'm used to. I had to load the dance stuff into it last week, and it was such a downer when I compare it to what I was anticipating.

I have to use my actual key! I know, that's such a ridiculous thing. But after a few months of just having to touch my door to unlock or lock it, and getting to start with the push of a button, I'm spoiled. It's cold. I don't want to dig in my pocket or purse.

It's not set up how I want it to be. I don't really want to "move in", because I'm hoping it'll be gone in another week. But it's so irritating not to have my stuff where I so carefully placed it back in the fall.

On the other hand...

I don't have to care about how many miles I'm piling on. I can happily drive to field trips, in cities where the miles are harder, to dance competitions and extra rehearsals. Yes, it's my gas, but it's not my miles. It's not my oil change. It's not my tire wear.

I'm keeping the car neat (because I certainly don't want a detailing bill), but I'm not sad that I'm not super paranoid about the girls destroying the new car.

I suddenly have an amazing amount of room in the garage again.

I guess it's not all bad after all!
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