Monday, February 18, 2019

Little Twitches Everywhere

You know how we all have our pet peeves? Silly, ridiculous things that people do that drive you insane? Your eye is TWITCHING from how annoyed you are, but when you go to vent or whine or complain, you realize YOU are the one that sounds like the spoiled brat?

I'm in a twitchy place right now.

First, I am still in the rental car, and it's bugging me. They said 7-10 days, we're on day 14, and there's no end in sight. In fact, even though I did EVERYTHING right, there's still all this paperwork/insurance nonsense that's slowing everything down, and I am not supposed to do a thing about it. Just wait for the paperwork to clear and then they'll START. They'll START. Mind you, I am paying for the taxes on the rental, so my mental calculator is starting to ring up. A little amount plus a little amount plus a little makes me want to scream at the woman when she calls or texts me the status. But I can't. Because I need her on my side.

Second, we're in a constant state of mess. Not just clutter. I mean, yes, plenty of clutter, but MESS. Globs of toothpaste in the girls' bathroom. Smears on every window and mirror because apparently Reagan is in a kissing phase when it comes to glass.

A basket of socks that need matching that I just can't deal with. Can't. It's too much.

The TV constantly being on the golf channel, no matter who else is watching.

The little things that keep breaking down. Nothing major, nothing that's going to break us, but just irritating.

No one is getting seriously sick - no flu, nothing tragic - but we've had little fever viruses and stomach bugs wrecking havoc with our schedule.

Adam is doing his "I'm frustrated with work and with not getting outside enough" rants, and me being the only co-worker he has to yell at.

People at dance, at co-op, in life, just doing things and making waves that so DON'T NEED TO BE MADE!

Fortunately, if these are my worst issues in life, than things are not so bad. I have a car that is getting restored to perfection at the cost of only our deductible. I can encourage Adam to go out and vent to some friends and do some winter activities. I can pull myself up, get things cleaned and organized.

But that doesn't mean I'm not twitchy.

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